Final pay cheques of the season for NHL players delayed

While no tag days are being planned, NHL players will have to make do without their final pay cheques for the time being as union executives contemplate the most effective use of the multi-millions of dollars.

The NHLPA is still deciding how much escrow to hold back from the last pay period of the 2019-20 season and pay cheques due out Wednesday were withheld. The union could put all, some, or none into an escrow payment to team owners for lost revenue this season due to the COVID-19 crisis, a source said.

With the shutdown, there will be an obvious hit to hockey-related revenue (HRR), although to what extent still isn’t known. A decision by the NHLPA is expected in the coming days.

Players still have some cash coming, that was owed to them from the 2018-19 campaign. Earlier this month, the union and owners finalized escrow payments from HRR from last season, with about $80 million to now be distributed to players.

Each member of the Jets will get back three per cent of their ’18-19 salaries — or US$30,000 for every million dollars — next week. So, for example, Jets centre Mark Scheifele receives just shy of US$184,000, while defenceman Tucker Poolman gets US$23,250.

— Jason Bell

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