Jannik Hansen (F) from San Jose Sharks to CSKA Moskva

A hard-nosed buzzsaw type winger with excellent mobility and a high-end release on his shot. In all three zones, Hansen is assertive, with and without the puck. Whenever he is on the ice, he is either battling for puck possession or creating a buzz offensively. He is an undeniably good finisher, but could stand to be a bit quicker with his passes. Defensively his two-way game shines as he reads the opposition ahead of the play and positions himself well to get in passing and shooting lanes. He proactively transitions to offence quickly and uses his speed to give himself time and space. Exceptional decision making stands out as a big part of what makes him successful in many roles. Jannik Hansen is a complete and versatile winger that has the proven capacity to be a positive difference-maker in all three zones.

Father: Bent Hansen