Mustapha Lemieux (F) from Buffalo Sabres to New York Rangers

Q & A with Mustapha (May, 2013)

What is your favourite TV show?
Days of Our Lives and Jerry Springer

Kebab or Pizza?
Kebab on Pizza, please!

Favourite artist?
I like German disco. Bands like Haddaway, Modern Talking, Captain Jack and Culture Beat!

Last movie you saw?
Homemade movie with one of my wives, I say no more

Are you happy with your 12/13 campaign with the Testville Pink Panthers?
I wanted to score more, but the new team policy did not allow us to bring fans to the locker rooms after the games

Your thoughts about the 2013 NHL Entry Draft?
Well, everyone is saying and I am the consensus No. 1 pick this year again, hopefully they are correct