Ronalds Kenins (F) from Lausanne to Winnipeg Jets

Ronalds Ķēniņš is a high intensity power forward who can impact the game in multiple ways. He is able to use his explosive speed and momentum to release pent-up energy when driving to the net, making him a highly effective forecheck initiator. He plays every shift like it is his last and he has something to prove. His work ethic is exposed when he exhibits keen awareness, offensively and defensively, even at the end of extended shifts. He is reliable in all situations, and doesn’t take his ice time for granted. He expends everything he has out on the ice and will make every second count. As an aggressive power forward with a good understanding of both the offensive and defensive game, he knows how to be that versatile, complete player who can make an impact every shift. [EP]

Plays with a Swiss player license and doesn’t count against the foreign-contingent in Switzerland.